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Massage By George uses a well padded table, wider than usual, which can be raised or lowered. The table has a thick fleece pad which contains a table warmer (up to 120 degrees) and comfortable arm rests. George does not use traditional massage oils. He only uses the highest quality massage cream that he could find. The room includes a new air purifier machine big enough for the entire room, an essential oil diffuser, candles, and a UV sanitizer for your cell phone and credit cards. Massage By George offers heated towels for your feet and back, as well as Biofreeze for muscle pain relief. George adheres to all Covid-19 protection guidelines and procedures, including taking temperatures and personally wearing a mask throughout the massage. Massage By George is located in a professional office building with free parking, just a few blocks north of the Savoy16 theaters and two doors north of Triptych. This office provides easy access and modern conveniences. The address is 1801 Woodfield Drive, Suite 20a4, in Savoy. Massages are by appointment only with flexible scheduling any day of the week, any time between 7 am and 10 pm. Call or text George at (217) 493-7704.

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Massage by George
1801 Woodfield Dr
Savoy IL 61874
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