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Our donut robots spit out freshly prepared vanilla cake donuts to start the process. Choose your icing(s)Chocolate, vanilla, caramel, maple, peanut butter, glaze or special of the week. Topping(s)bacon, rainbow sprinkles, orange and blue sprinkles, peanuts, toasted coconut,white choc. chips, shaved almonds, caramel drizzle, powdered sugar, cocoa pebbles, mini choc. chips, M&M's, REECE'S pieces, oreo, andes mints, graham cracker, raspberry drizzle or cinnamon sugar. Or choose one of our house specials!

Wash your donuts down with a cup of our fresh brewed Colombia Street Roastery coffee.

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Industrial Donut
501 Commerce Dr.
Savoy IL 61874
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